Are you sharing your data? Are you doing it SECURELY?

There are many methods for sharing your data with someone. Email… USB Flash Drive… Cloud-based methods including Google Drive, Dropbox, SugarSync and a ton of others.

In the past, I have tried most of these. Most recently I have used Google Drive, the data I share is the usual, documents to be proofread, funny pics, nothing sensitive.

Here are a few good questions: Is the data you’re sharing sensitive? Should the data you’re sharing be encrypted? Should you be ensuring that your data remains compliant with the standards for your industry?

There are many ways to accomplish secure filesharing, but let me tell you about one I recently found…

Egnyte will allow you to set up a file system on the cloud that is replicated multiple times. The system allows for multiple revisions of your documents. You can set up a “drop” folder to collect info from a colleague or client where they can drag and drop data from their device and the transfer is encrypted prior to transfer. You can share documents or folder and set an expiration on the share. You can do all kinds of stuff!

I recently helped a client migrate to Egnyte. I received a text a few days ago from one of the staff. He said “Egnyte is cool. Thx for selecting that product. 😀”

Happy customers make me happy. Go look at Egnyte, you might get happy.



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