Are you now a telecommuter? Have the recent COVID-19 changes forced you to now work from home? Does your home computer need some help? I have been helping people who now find themselves working from home get to where they can work from home. Many times, their home computers just aren’t up to the task. Some times, they would rather leave the home computer for the family and use another computer for work. Let me give you a couple of options for some great upper middle-class computers. But first, let me also tell you that you should absolutely get a computer with a Solid StateRead More →

It’s finally sunny! For the whole week no less. Take a few minutes to step away from the keyboard and take a walk outside. Leave your phone at your desk while you go. Interact with 3D People and Objects. Taking breaks from your computer can help relieve tension in your eyes, neck, shoulders, and back. Taking a walk not only helps get you away from the monitor, but it also helps you get some steps in. Here’s a quick tip to help your neck strain. If you are sitting up straight in your chair, look straight ahead at your monitor(s). If your eyes fall approximatelyRead More →

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you’re ok. You can still download the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft and install it on your PC…if you have enough horsepower. Windows 10 is somewhat more needy of your computer’s resources. You shouldn’t even think about running Win 10 unless you have at least 8 GB RAM and probably a Solid State Disk (SSD). You can easily upgrade your RAM by using Crucial’s Memory Finder. Just click on the link, then click on Scan Computer. Once you know what you have, you can either buy direct from Crucial or chose your favorite online vendor. For anRead More →

Thinking about starting your New Year off with newer technology? Are you concerned about Microsoft ending support for Windows 7? Here is what I am recommending for most of my customers: This PC is available at Amazon, and if you are a Prime Member, you get free shipping. Oemgenuine Lenovo ThinkCentre V530s SFF Business Desktop Intel Hexa-Core (6 Cores) i5-8500 16GB RAM 500GB SSD WiFi Intel-AC 3165 Windows 10 Professional This PC is a good upper middle class PC that should handle all your needs for the next few years. Plenty of RAM, a super fast Solid State Hard Drive, and WIFI built in. CoupleRead More →

Did you know that most phone calls these days are transmitted via the Internet? If you have reliable Internet service, you can probably save money by switching to a VOIP service. Whether you go with your local Cable TV company or use a SIP Provider such as RingCentral (or others), you can get the same features or more than you are currently getting from your local carrier…often at a fraction of the cost. The primary concern here is that you have to have reliable Internet Service. The average VOIP call requires about 100 kbps (kilobits per second). Most of our Internet Service Providers offer aRead More →

“Hello Andy, our Document Management System isn’t working correctly.” “OK, let me remote in and take a look. Can you allow me to connect?” I connected to the user’s PC, looked at the data, and took a deep breath… All of their files, regardless of file type, now ended in “.adobe”. Upon further inspection, I found evidence of a ransomware attack. The first thing I asked about was their backups. Unfortunately, their backup system used “live” storage i.e.: Their backup media was always attached to the infected server. You guessed it, their backups were compromised as well. I scanned each computer on their network, cleaningRead More →