Do you have a backup? Have you tested it?

I often ask my clients about their backups. Questions like:

  • Do you have a backup?
  • Do you backup every day?
  • Do you take it home every night?
  • Have you tested your backup?

Let me tell you a success story:

Some time ago a customer (that we worked with to establish a good backup plan) went to open their business on a Saturday morning to find that they had been robbed sometime during the night. The thieves took their computers and monitors (among other stuff). The customer called us asking for help. We asked the customer if they made their backup yesterday and took it home with them. They said yes. We were able to install 3 new computers and restore their backup that day!

If you’re a business customer, you should be backing up your documents and financial data daily, then take the backup media home with you nightly. You can also use an online service to backup your data automatically daily.

If you’re a home user, you should be backing up your documents and pictures at least once a week, or as often as you make significant changes on your computer. Most computer users never think of their hard drive failing… What would you do if you lost all of the pictures of your kids and or grandkids?

Do you test your backups?

Here’s a quick and easy test. Go to your main document folder. Move a file from that folder to a USB Flash drive. Confirm that the file no longer exists in the original folder. Now, restore the file from your backup to the original location. Open your file. If the file is there and can be opened, you’re good to go! If any part of this test does not work, you need some help.

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