PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… Hang up the phone!

Raise your hand if you’ve heard the story: “I got a call yesterday from Microsoft. They said there was a problem with my computer.”


As I mentioned last year (see this post) Microsoft will NOT call you out of the blue to help you with your computer. You can rest assured that if the person talking to you is not speaking absolutely perfect American English, they want to scam you.

I have a few customers that have fallen for this scam more than once. The last time I gently said, “Ms Smith, please write yourself a big note and hang it on the wall above your computer monitor that says ‘Hang Up & Call Andy’.” So far, she hasn’t fallen for the scam again.

This morning an older gentleman called and said, “Andy, I messed up again…” Yep, he did it. He believed the Harry’s very broken English when he said, “I’m calling from Microsoft and you have a problem with your computer”. The gentleman permitted Harry access to his computer and who know what happened. I will find out when I work on it this afternoon.

The moral of the story?


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