The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Computers are amazing. Probably the most impactful of all technology introduced in the last 50 years. How much more productive are we since the dawn of the computer age? That’s the Good.

Computers have introduced a lot of stress in our lives. If we’re having a good computer day, it’s usually a good day. If we’re having a bad computer day, it’s often a pull-your-hair-out, kick-the-dog, drive-you-to-drink kind of day. That’s the Bad. Many time a simple shutdown, get a drink of water, then power on will make your computer better.

Getting on your computer and learning that you can’t actually get on your computer. That’s the Ugly.

If your computer doesn’t turn on, give us a call.

If your computer is slower than browsing the internet in the days of dial-up, give us a call.

If your online presence is Missing In Action, give us a call.

If you aren’t 1000% sure that your backup is reliable, give us a call.

If your tech isn’t tech-ing, give us a call.


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